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5 Reasons to become Medical Assistant | Healthcare Careers | ACTS

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Americation Career and Training School (ACTS)

5. Direct Patient Experience

If you have the passion to help people and be apart of the Healthcare team, starting a career as a Medical Assistant may be right for you. Medical Assistants spend much of their day dealing directly with patients. Medical assistants may be responsible for the tasks of scheduling appointments, taking medical histories, vital signs, office paperwork, EKG's and blood draws.

4. Work Schedule

Medical Assistants have many options when it comes to the schedule they would like to work and what would work best with their life and family. For example, Medical Assistants in a doctors office setting can work during normal business hours such as 8 - 4 or 9-5. In a hospital setting Medical Assistants have a greater selection in work schedules. Hospitals are typically 24 hours meaning that Medical Assistants have access to morning, evening, overnight and weekend work schedules. Having access to these different schedules allows for the opportunity for overtime and greater flexibility.

3. Less Time and Money Spent on School

Seeking higher education can leave with costly student loans after years spent in school. During this time, these years are spent in the classroom, not in the workforce that you love. At Americation, those inspiring to become Medical Assistants do not have to spend years in school or thousands on education. We offer an affordable training program that is fast and effective. The purpose of our program is to get people straight into the workforce with our unique approach to education. Not everyone has the financial stability to be able to dedicate years solely on school. Thankfully, this is where trade school comes in. We offer a faster and less expensive way into the field of your choice.

2. Your Days Will Not Consist of the Same Repetitive Tasks

Working as a medical assistant provides you with the options for 2 different work environments each with their own unique set of tasks. These two environments would be administrative work in an office setting and clinical work with patients. Having these two choices and switching between them throughout the day can give you a much need break from a particular task. For example, switching between clinical and administrative can give you time to recharge between patient interactions or administrative responsibilities.

1. Advancement Opportunities

Medical Assistants have excellent access to career advancement opportunities. Given the skills of Medical Assistant, many of these options come from seeking a position from the skills they already have. For example, a Medical Assistant can easily transition into a position as a Phlebotomy Technician, EKG Technician, Medical Billing, and Coding Specialist or Administrative Medical Assistant. Medical Assistants can even transition into a career as a Patient Care Technician, Pharmacy Technician, Surgical Technician or Dental Assistant if they wanted. Starting anywhere in healthcare can easily open up many doors for you. It would then just be a matter of you deciding where you want to work.

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