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Are you Small Business Owner? | Things You Should Know about Business Law | ACTS

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Americation Career and Training School (ACTS)

Business Law

Every year, new changes happen in the legal code that affects the way our businesses operate. These laws may include taxation, business incorporation, ways to seek finance, and labor rights. Additionally, business owners should also be aware of the way their own rights are protected during bankruptcies, collection of debts, or in a legal dispute with customers and other businesses. Having knowledge of business law allows you to explore all of your legal options and prevent you from making any legal mistakes. Laws are quite complex and very detailed, having a good over of business law can prevent easily avoidable mistakes.

How Studying Business Law Can Affect Your Small Business

After studying short or foundation level business law programs can provide you with the basic legal information you should know when owning a business. Business Law and Human Resource Management are excellent programs to utilize to ensure optimal performance for your company. What you could learn from a Business Law Program is :

  • Legal Businesses

  • Contracts

  • Sales Negotiation

  • Business Formation

  • Bankruptcy

  • Business Regulations

  • Debtors

  • Creditors

Why Study Business Law

Business law certification programs cover a wide range of topics that include litigation law, bankruptcy law, ways to collect unpaid debts, and how to incorporate a new business. A variety of business lawyers work on how to protect shareholders during merger and acquisition activities. Business law provides extensive knowledge to work either as a litigator, or transactions expert that helps a client meet business goals by providing services as legal counsels. The emphasis is on reducing legal risks that can threaten the overall business community and long term profitability.

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