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Earning Potential for a Patient Care Technician | Americation Career and Training School

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Americation Career and Training School (ACTS)

Thinking about a career as a Patient Care Technician? Here is what you need to consider when it comes to your Income Potential.

Your Experience

Everyone fresh out of school hates the E word (experience). Check out our article on how to get medical experience before applying to a job you really want if you lack any. However, if you already have previous healthcare experience this puts you in a good position. People with experience typically earn more than someone fresh out of school. For Patient Care, Technicians relevant previous jobs would be Home Health Aid, CNA, Phlebotomist, Physical Therapy Aid and working as an EKG tech.

Full-Time Vs. Part-Time vs. Per diem

So when applying for jobs you will see listings for Full-Time, Part-Time, and something called Per diem. Here's is what you need to know. When working as a full-time employee you will have a set 40 hour work week and at most places benefits; Healthcare, 401 k, and life insurance. Part-time positions will require you to work less than 40 hours a week and you may or may not have benefits. For Per Diem positions you are paid based on the amount a day/ hours you work for each pay period and your work schedule will often change, meaning they will put you in for whatever shift they need you. Per Diem positions benefit packages are typically not offered but you will have a higher hourly rate.

Where you want to work

The pay for Patient Care Technicians varies by state. Typically the coastal states like New Jersey, New York, California will have higher pay than southern midwestern states. For example sites like Indeed and Glassdoor reports that the average pay for PCT's in Mississippi was $10.52, while those sites reported the average hourly are was about $15 in NJ. Those few dollars add up to 100s each month and thousands at the end of the year.

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