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Looking for a career as a Teacher? Here’s how we could help! | Careers in Education | ACTS

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Americation Career and Training School (ACTS)

What is a Career in Education Like?

If you are pursuing a career in Education, you should already what this career requires. Education is the foundation of every prosperous society, even if it is not treated as such. Educators provide knowledge to students to increase their understanding in a particular area to provide them with the foundation they need to build rewarding careers. Teachers typically work 8 hours a day at a school and then spend some time outside of the classroom grading papers and coming up with lesson plans. Teachers have the rewarding feeling of seeing someone grow over a period of time and know that they are a fundamental part of that growth.

How the Education programs at Americation can help towards a Career in Education.

Americation offers 7 certifications in Education. These certifications cover the topics of Technology for Classroom, Public Speaking, Research in Education, Student with Disabilities: Methods & Strategies, Master Teacher, Preschool: Curriculum Development, and Teaching Multicultural Classroom: Children. These certifications cover a vast range of topics enabling anyone to take up one or more of these programs to broaden their list of skills and abilities increasing the odds of employment. Having these certifications along with your degree with show potential employers just how serious you are about education, and what you can offer your students.

Income Potential as an Educator

Income for Educators varies significantly on the geographic location and level of education being taught. For example, In the United States, public school teachers (k-12) on average earn less than teachers in the Northeast. In addition, Educators at the Undergraduate and Graduate level earn more than kindergarten through 12th-grade teachers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average income for Middle School Teachers, Highschool, and Postsecondary, was $58,600, $60,320, and $78,470 respectively. Regardless of the level you wish to teach at, the Certifications offered at Americation can help get you there!


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