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Operations and Supply Chain Management | Business Careers | ACTS

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Americation Career and Training School (ACTS)

What is Operations & Supply Chain Management

Operations & Supply Chain Management is looking at business as a whole when comparing expenses and profits. A business won't last very long if the expenses to run it are more than the profits it gains. The production of a company's product requires a lot of communication with suppliers, customers, transportation teams, and separate departments within the company. Suppliers will provide the resources to make the product, customers will provide the order for how much of a product they need, transportation teams will ship the product from the factory to consumers or stores and departments will need to in contact will each other to ensure everything runs smoothly. All of these factors also come at a cost. Operations and Supply Management will consider all components running a business, analyze the financial data, and make improvements where necessary. For additional information on supply chain management read our blog "What Is Supply Chain Management" .

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What Will You Learn from an Operations and Supply Chain Management

  • Significance of Operations Management

  • Principles of Supply Chain Management

  • Logistics Transportation and Operations

  • E-commerce in Supply Chain

  • Understanding Little's Law and how to Allocate Resources

  • Types of Business Performances

  • How to Minimize Costs in Supply Chain Applying the Logistic Model

  • Capability and Calculating Capability Index

  • And MORE!

Operations and Supply Chain Management Jobs & Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statics reports that as of May 2018 jobs for Transportation, Storage and Distribution Managers are expected to grow 6% creating thousands of new jobs. The average salary for this occupation averaged nationally at $94,730. State data for the average salary varies depending on location. In states like Delaware, New Jersey, and New York the average income is over 120k, while in states such as West Virginia, Iowa, and Idaho the average salary is around $80,000.

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