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Become a Small Business Management Specialist Today | Career in Business | ACTS

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Americation Career and Training School (ACTS)

What is a Small Business Management Certificate Program?

A Small Business Management Specialist is a great program for those seeking knowledge on how to run a business and for those who are continuing their education. Whether you are thinking of opening your own business or have a degree but lack experience and want to give your resume a boost, this program will do you justice. The program will discuss topics of Organization Plans, Marketing Plans, Predicting Financial Requirements, Building Customers Relationships, and Pricing and Credit Decisions all of which are very critical in creating a successful business on any scale.

What can you do with the Small Business Management Specialist Certification Program?

The Small Business Management Specialist program will give you the skills to obtain a management position and run a business successfully. If you are a continuing education student with back round schooling in Business or a related field, having this certificate will enable you to do two things. The first is getting a detailed look at the work you may find yourself doing within that field. The Second is giving your resume a boost along with any other previous education or experience to get you the job you want!

Earning potential for Business Management

Business Management is a very broad term. Under this title, you have the option of going several different lines of work including marketing, sales, and even learning the skills to open up your own business. The Bureau Of Labor Statistics reports that the median or average pay for Administrative Services Managers was $96,180 annually or $46.24 an hour. The Job Outlook for Administrative Services Managers is 10% which is fast than the national average. This growth will create nearly 30,000 new jobs!


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