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Top 6 Best Programs to use for Careers in Business | Business Programs | ACTS

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Americation Career and Training School (ACTS)

# 6 Small Business Management Specialist Program

The Small Business Management Specialist program essentially gives you a blueprint to follow when starting a business from the ground up. If you currently have a business and are looking for ways to improve and expand your market this program will give useful information on how to create business alliances, customer relationships, Financial Planning and Franchising. Knowing how to start, maintain, and grow a business can make the difference between a short-lived or lifelong success.

#5 Entrepreneurship

Our Entrepreneurship program is designed for business-minded people. This program teaches you how not to put all your eggs in one basket and how to professionally multi-task. Often when we have our minds on a bunch of different topics, we hardly see anyone task through to completion. However, this program teaches you how to narrow your focus and create practical and Effective Business plans to get your ideas off the ground!

#4 Human Resource management

The Human Resource Management program is a course designed to highlight the importance of employee-management relations. When running a business, it important to maintain consistent, reliable, professional, and legally applicable relations with your employees. This program will provide you a structure of how to recruit and train employees, compensation and payroll, Managing Risks and ensuring Equal Employment opportunity.

#3 Business Law

Understanding laws as it relates to business can prevent you and your business from ending up in costly and dangerous legal positions. Laws pertaining to business deal with topics such as employee treatment, Ethical business deals, Sales, Contracts and Bankruptcy. Having knowledge of the laws that affect how a business can be run and operated can set you up for success.

#2 Internet Marketing

Americation Internet Marketing Professional program can be a very useful addition to your skill set and resume. Understanding how to effectively market your business service and product can not only boost revenue but upgrade your market of potential customers from local, to national and eventually international.

#1 Business Communication

Our Business Communication Specialist Program is a fundamental course for anyone seeking careers in business. Good communication skills are a necessity for any career in the business sector. Whether its negotiating prices for products, prices for goods, or negotiating employee salaries communication is everything!

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