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Career Advancement | Medical Assistant to Patient Care Technician | ACTS

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Americation Career and Training School (ACTS)

Why take on a Bridge Program from a CMA to PCT?

Patient Care Technicians are an interesting part of healthcare. This workforce is skilled in several different areas and is able to administer a wide range of care to patients. For example, PCT’s are trained in phlebotomy, EKG, and several aspects of patient care. The different aspects of patient care touch upon a range of motion exercises and ambulation recovery.

Patient care technicians in New Jersey can be found working in hospitals with duties such as taking vitals, performing phlebotomy procedures, and administering EKGs. Some facilities will have CNA’s on the floor to fulfill tasks such as bed baths and changing patients. While in other facilities, that will fall under the scope of the PCT.

Starting a career as a patient care technician in new jersey can put you on an interesting playing field. You will have the opportunity to gather all the clinical experience you may need to set on another career path in the medical field while opening the door for tuition reimbursement which many facilities provide.

What makes the healthcare sector special?

Working in the healthcare field can provide you with a vast amount of opportunity. You have the option to choose your work setting. Being in healthcare doesn’t limit you to working only in hospitals or doctors’ offices alternative could be nursing homes, patient homes for private care, and blood drives that often change locations. Apart from the huge projected growth for the health care sector, people that work in healthcare find have the freedom to change there work environment and everyday tasks by taking on an ever-growing list of career advancement programs.

How can a career Advancement program revitalize your career?

Career Advancement Programs are geared for those already working out in a field and want to increase their knowledge or gain an additional skill for there area of study. For example, Clinical Medical Assistants can enroll in a career advancement program to increase their scope practice and professional abilities. Crossing over to a PCT with a bridge program specialized for CMA’s.

How does revitalization happen?

Career Advancement Programs from a CMA to PCT can provide additional skills that allow you to upgrade your career. Becoming a Patient Care Technician gives you the opportunity of collaborating with a healthcare team to better people's lives and overall health.

By adding additional skills under your belt allows you to open up conversations of additional job responsibilities as well as negotiations for increased pay.

How to find career advancement opportunities near you!

  • It all starts with a quick internet search of “career advancements programs for clinical Medical assistants near me”. Keep in mind employers will often offer finical compensation once you complete the program.

  • What you want to look in particular are for schools that offer bridge course options specifically for clinical medical assistants seeking to transition into a PCT role.

  • Find a school and check it out in person to set up an appointment to learn more about what the school has to offer.

  • After you have found a school to your liking you can start the enrollment process which typically involves you providing several forms of identification and documents. These include a Photo ID, SSC’s, high school diploma and any other relevant information.

Once you found a school, explore your delivery options!

Many schools offer a variety of options on how to receive an education. These options include:


Online schooling allows students to take up career advancement programs without having to take time out of their busy schedules and set it aside for going to class. Online programs are for those that are dedicated to school and willing to go through the material they need to learn by themselves.


On-campus options are for those who need a classroom setting to get comfortable with the material that is required to learn. On-campus options also provide you an instructor to help clear up any course work you may be experiencing difficulty understanding.

How to make your time at a school worth it

If you are going to spend your time and money at a school you should want to the experience worth it. Strive to learn all you can and connect with peers. You can do this by setting up study groups and utilizing a range of study methods. Staying on the up and up is important too. This means keeping up with assignments and quizzes, be sure to clarify anything you are unsure of. This way you are not dear in headlights when nationals come around.

Passing your national exams: How to do it.

Passing your national exams is quite simple. All you have to do is read the textbook and make sure you do all that the practice content available in the textbook. There are many different sites that provide practice for the national exam you could find online.

Finding a Job

Once you completed your career advancement program comes the fun part, finding a job. If you are currently working at a facility the transition may be easier for you. However, if you do not find a job may take some time but here are some quick tips and tricks to help you get through the process more effectively.

  1. Find out if your school offers any job placement assistance services.

  2. Construct a professional resume.

  3. Prepare your interview skills with mock interviews.

  4. Search online for open positions and send out as many applications as you can. The more you send out the more likely you will get a callback.

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