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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Americation Career and Training School (ACTS)

What's the Difference between a Clinical Medical Assistant and a Medical Assistant?

Clinical Medical Assistants and Medical Assistants are two healthcare professionals that are vital in running and maintaining private medical practices and all types of doctors’ offices. Clinical Medical Assistants and Medical Assistants cover the front end and back end of office responsibilities. For example, front-end work is covered by Medical Assistants. They are the first people you see when you enter a doctor’s office. MA’s schedule appointments, document patient information, and bill insurance companies.

What separates a clinical medical assistant and a Medical Assistant (sometimes referred to as an Administrative Medical Assistant) is the fact MA’s are trained in medical billing and coding. Medical billing and coding is the process by which insurance companies are billed for the services medical workers provide. The companies are billed using a series of codes that help maintain privacy regarding patient medical information.

MA’s are not only trained in medical billing and coding but also in other administrative skills that are necessary for day to day needs of a doctor’s office. Medical Assistants in New Jersey can work in a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics, and private practices.

Reasons to work in healthcare.

  • The work you do helps save lives.

  • You get to work alongside a range of medical professionals and be in a work environment where you are constantly learning new things.

  • You are able to transition to and from positions very easily, so you don’t have to ever worry about becoming bored with your work.

  • There is always room for growth and advancing your career.

  • You can work without the crippling stress of layoffs and losing your job. The demand for all healthcare-related positions is extremely high so your job isn’t going anywhere.

The importance of career advancement Programs?

Career Advancement programs provide you with the education you need to upgrade your career. Completing Career Advancement Programs gives the opportunity to achieve higher-paying positions, promotions, and a refresh of daily work tasks.

Upgrading your career as a clinical medical assistant to a Medical assistant provides several new skills for you to utilize and advance your career. Adding medical billing and coding as well as relevant administrative skills to your resume allows to you to expand on your professional capabilities and transition into a different work role.

Tips on finding career advancement programs in your area

A quick google search of “bridge programs for clinical medical assistants near me” or “career advancement programs in new jersey” can provide you with a list of schools to choose from.

Bridge programs for CMA’s to transition into MA’s have the purpose of building upon the skills the CMA’s already and providing new skills allowing them to qualify for the MA title.

How to find the right school for you:

When picking a school, you must determine a few things beforehand to ensure you will find the perfect match. You must determine a personal schedule that will allow you time to commit to schoolwork and studying. Then figure out what schooling method will work best with the time you are able to commit.

Finding the right schedule

If you have a few hours each day you can commit to school morning or evening class may be a good fit for you. However, if you work full time or have other commitments outside of school, an online program may be a better suit.

How to ensure you complete the program

Regardless if you chose to do the program online or an in-class option, whether you finish the program and pass your finals and nationals comes down to how to approach material and the method you chose of working through it. Here are some tips to help you in completing a career advancement program and passing your national certification exam.

  • Have a set time a few days a week dedicated to just school work (homework, practice tests, and studying).

  • Turn off the T.V., your phone, and put away your laptop. Eliminate all distractions to help you stay focus on the material.

  • If you come across something difficult, try to figure out what exactly you don’t understand and go from there. Once you get all the little things down pat, they will eventually start falling together and make sense.

  • Stay on top of your Course work. Waiting to the last minute to complete assignments and postponing studying will leave you stressed and overwhelmed at the end of your program. Don’t put anything off, just do it!

  • Keep focused on the goal. You are not always going to feel motivated to study or do homework, but pushing through it will give a sense of accomplishment!

Becoming Certified and Finding Employment!

After you pass your national exams it takes about 2-4 weeks for your application to process and for you to receive your certifications. In the meantime, you can prepare your self for the job hunt. Preparing your resume and perfecting your interview skills will allow you to showcase your professional abilities enabling you to land that job!

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