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Do you have the guts to a be Surgical Technician (No pun intended) | ACTS Online Programs

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

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Who are Surgical Technicians

Surgical Technician is a healthcare position that is not for those who are faint of heart. Surgical Techs are a vital part of the OR (Operating Room) staff and aid in the behind the scene workings of surgeries. The Operating Room during any procedure needs well-trained healthcare professionals with good communication skills and ones who can stomach the sight of blood. During an operation the slightest mistake can result is in life long complications for a patient and in some cases even death. All the equipment and supplies used during surgery must be prepared beforehand. This ensures that the patient internals is not exposed to an unnecessary amount of time and that the surgeon will have all the necessary surgical equipment to perform the procedure required.

What are the responsibilities of Surgical Technicians

The role Surgical Technicians play in the O.R. is to prepare all the equipment needed for the procedure. This involves Inventory Checks, Supply Counts, and Serialization Procedures if need be. Surgical Techs also have room for growth within there career. They can move their way up to eventually be in the room during surgeries and handoff equipment to the surgeon. This is very vital for those extremely delicate procedures where the surgeon cannot their eyes off of the patient. Surgical Technicians are the key factor that helps minimize the risk of patients developing nonsocial (hospital-acquired) infections. If a patient is exposed to any bacteria or other microbial life during surgery, it could lead to an infection or septic shock. Infections can complicate the recovery process and Septic Shock is a serious medical condition where an infection spreads all throughout the patient’s body and can be fatal.

Why Should you become a Surgical Technician?

Starting a career as a Surgical Technician can be an incredibly rewarding career move. This healthcare care position is great for those that really want a fast pace work environment and have a career that makes a difference in people's lives. The O.R. is one of the few places in the hospital where someone can walk sick and leave healthy. Surgeries can remove cancerous tumors, remove shrapnel or other hazardous material. The surgery itself can save someone's life right then and there. Apart from the profound impact, you can have somebody’s life, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the average pay for a Surgical technician in $22.74 an hour or $47,300 annually.

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