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EKG technician Career and Job Opportunity in NJ │ Americation Career and Training School

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

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EKG technician jobs provide many unique advantages that may not be present in other health care positions. EKG techs provide an incredibly useful service to patients. EKG technicians can take a six-second snapshot of a patient’s heart electrical activities and show it graphically on a paper print out.

The graphical representation displays the activities of the heart and assists the healthcare professional in diagnosing the potential problem that may be present. The job of an EKG technician involves communication with the patient and preparing the patient for the EKG procedure. The next step is to apply the electrodes on to the proper chest locations as requested by the healthcare provider followed by obtained the recording of the electrical activities of the heart either by printing out the graph on a paper or by sending the electrical recording electronically to the responsible healthcare professional.

Career Advancement Opportunities

EKG techs are offered several different career advancement opportunities, some of which can even be obtained while in a training program. For example, EKG technicians have the opportunities to further their knowledge of EKG and obtain other positions such a telemetry Technicians also known as cardiac monitor technicians. Telemetry Technicians are tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the cardiac monitors for patients and alerting healthcare staff should any abnormalities arise. The certification exam for Telemetry Technician can be taken while in a training program for EKG. Having this extra certification will add to your resume an opening position possible for you.

Key Advancement Paths

  • In addition to being able to further their career within the study of EKG, EKG technicians also have the opportunity to branch out into many different areas of healthcare.

  • Branching out will help add responsibilities to your daily work tasks while increasing your scope of practice and increase your value to employers.

  • For example, EKG technicians can easily add phlebotomy to their list of skills or incorporate patient care into the scope of practice making them very versatile and vital members of a health care team.

NOTE: Other certifications that an EKG technician can seek to obtain are:

  • Cardiac Monitor Telemetry Technician Certification

  • Cardiac Arrhythmia Technician

What you can expect to earn as an EKG technician in New Jersey

The hourly rate of EKG technicians can range with the facility of employment and experience. reports that EKG technician’s salary can range from $38,000 to $43,000 a year. Zip recruiter, on the other hand, reports a salary range from $22,009 to $58,066 with the average earner making around $36,559 a year. Job postings for EKG technicians on Indeed list positions offering hourly pay ranging from $15- $18 an hour with experience these rates can increase. 

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