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How to Become a Patient Care Technician in NJ | Healthcare Careers | Americation Career and Training

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

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Starting a career as a patient care technician can be a rewarding career move. The job opportunities are numerous, and salaries are competitive. The salary depends on the type of training and certifications you obtain. These healthcare employees are trained to perform the duties of a phlebotomist, EKG technician, and perform basic patient care making them a valuable staff member. PCT’s work mostly in hospitals alongside nurses and other medical staff to deliver care patients need. 


  • Step 1: Learn about the prerequisites for the patient care technician program

  • Step 2: Enroll into the program

  • Step 3: Complete the training program and get the certificate of completion

  • Step 4: Apply and attempt the certification exam

  • Step 5: Apply for jobs

  • Step 6: Gets started in a career as a Patient Care Technician

Understanding the Responsibilities of a Patient Care Technician

Patient Care Technicians perform many duties of other healthcare workers while using their own unique set of skills to deliver care. Patient care technicians are trained in phlebotomy and EKG allowing them to perform all the tasks of phlebotomists and EKG technicians. Phlebotomy technicians in New Jersey draw blood via venipuncture and dermal punctures, and conduct urine analysis test. EKG technician’s administrator EKG testing by placing electrodes on a patient’s body. These electrodes can pick up the electrical activity of the heart allowing healthcare professionals to see if any abnormalities are present. In addition to these skills, PCTs also perform basic patient care which involves range of motion exercises, patient positioning, bed baths and other patient assistance activities. These skills are important within a healthcare setting because they help avoid the spread of infections, improve patient’s health and prevent the development bedsores in patients which can develop into serious medical conditions.

How to start working as a PCT

Before you get out into the workforce as a PCT you will need to complete a patient care technician training program from an approved school by the education department. Within this program the topics of Phlebotomy, EKG, and Patient Care should be covered. Some programs even offer opportunities for you to gain additional certifications in Telemetry and Clinical Medical Assistant. You must do your research on patient care technician training program near you to find a school that offers multiple schedules allowing for optimal performance from students.

After completing a Patient Care Technician program and you have taken all necessary certification exams: Phlebotomy, EKG and Patient Care you may want to seek additional certifications. Having additional certification will help make your resume stand out against others especially those with healthcare experience. Additional Certification that you can obtain in a PCT program are Telemetry technician, Rehabilitation Therapy Technician, restorative care assistant specialist and others. Call 973-642-4160 for additional information or visit our website. 

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