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Upgrade your career as an EKG technician to Patient Care Technician | Career Advancements | ACTS

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Americation Career and Training School (ACTS)

EKG technician to Patient Care Technician

Transitioning from a career as an EKG technician to a career as a Patient care technician can be a very rewarding career move. There is much more job opportunity for PCT’s than there is for EKG techs due to the vast amount of skills the Patient Care Technician possesses. Patient Care Technicians are essentially the full package to employers. PCT’s are healthcare workers trained in 3 different areas of healthcare. This includes phlebotomy, EKG, and general patient care. Having these skill sets makes them highly marketable to all healthcare facilities.

What you can expect from working in Healthcare.

  • Steady pay!

  • Vast opportunity for promotions and career advancements.

  • Incentive-based pay increases.

  • You get to have a job that really makes a difference in people’s lives.

  • Gather valuable healthcare experience and use it towards any healthcare career you like.

What a Career Advancement Program can do for you!

EKG’s technicians have versatility in there careers as they can take on several different positions. EKG technicians in New Jersey can work in environments including office settings, Emergency Rooms and various medical departments. However, if you are someone that really wants that direct patient interaction than a Patient Care Technician advancement program is right for you.

Increasing your scope of practice allows you to be more involved with patient interactions. PCT’s give a wide range of care to patients including blood draws, apply EKG equipment, Range of Motion exercises and patient positioning. All of these aids tremendously in finding an appropriate diagnosis or can help prevent the patient from developing serious conditions.

Finding the best Career Advancement Program for you.

When looking at schools to advance your career, find a school that is willing to work with the experience you already have. This is to avoid having to pay to take a class on the topics you already covered. Some schools may require you to take a class on EKG even if you are already certified, while others will not.

After you have found a school to your liking and have finished the enrollment process (providing necessary documentation, signing paperwork and setting up payment plans) you need to think about which schedule is the best fit for you. Many schools offer schedules of morning, evening and weekend classes to add convince of diversity in schooling options.

Type of schooling you would like to receive.

You have even more options to consider when coming up with a plan to further your career. If you are a person with a lot on there plate in terms of work, family and personal life you may want to consider taking an online program. This will allow you to finish the program at your own pace.

If you are someone that performs there best in a classroom setting an on-campus option would be a good fit for you. On-campus classes provide you with an instructor and other classmates to allow you to work through the material as efficiently as possible.

Completing the Program.

Whether or not you chose an online or on-campus schooling option you are still going to have to be on your game when it comes to schoolwork. For online students you need to have extra motivation to keep yourself on track as you won’t have an instructor to keep you at a steady pace. For on-campus students simply coming to class will not be enough. You have to come to class physically and mentally as well!

Finals and National Exams.

To score well on your final exams requires some preparation. Staying on top of the material and making sure you understand a topic before moving on to the next is a great way to be prepared for exams.

Finding employment

The job search for a patient care technician position will not belong. Patient Care Technicians are in very high demand. However, if you need assistance in creating a resume you can contact our student services department. This department will format your resume in a way that will highlight your strengths to show everything you can offer to employers.

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