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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Americation Career and Training School (ACTS)

Step 1. Know the Requirements

Our Surgical Technician Program has only a few require. The most important is previous education. This includes High School diploma, G.E.D or international Equivalent. College Transcripts and Certifications from other programs are also acceptable.

Step 2 Chose a Schedule

When Selecting a class schedule, you must consider a few important factors. These are the time you can commit to school, type of learner you are, and speed you can move through the content. If you are an independent learner and can learn fast the online program ay be a good fit. If you would need the help of an instructor and would like to good through the material at a steady pace, then on campus is a good choice.

Step 3 Providing Documents

Americation requires some Documents from students before they enter our programs. These Documents are Photo ID’s, Previous Education (as mentioned above), Tax ID number or Social Security Number.

Step 4 Selecting a Payment Plan

At Americation, we offer a range of payment plans for our students to fit all economic needs. Cash, Auto-Pay and Money orders are all acceptable forms of payment.

Step 5 Get Started

Once you take care of all the paperwork you can get started towards your career in being a Surgical Technician. Our online program offers the most updated and modern internet education! From case studies to fun interactive games our program has all the necessary tools to allow you to expand your knowledge in a more progressive way, without the traditional classroom.

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