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Sports & Fitness Nutrition Specialist | Careers in Healthcare | ACTS

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

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What is a Sports & Fitness Nutrition Specialist?

For years within the field of Fitness and Nutrition, patients seeking to better their physical health would have to go to many separate healthcare professionals. These separate professionals included Dietitians, Personal Trainers, and Nutritionists. This would be not only time-consuming but expensive! Having to go to multiple professionals was mainly due to the idea of the Scope of Practice. One healthcare professional could not overstep their bounds when giving care or advance to patients,. Advice is limited to the area you are directly trained in. For example, a Dietitian could not give the patient advice on physical exercises as could a fitness specialist and vice versa. What the Sports & Fitness Nutrition Specialist allows for is, a healthcare professional that is trained in Fitness and Nutrition. This program gives you knowledge of physical components to health and from a nutritional standpoint as well.

How could the Sports & Fitness Nutrition Specialist program help you build a career?

The Sports & Fitness Nutrition Specialist program can help you build your career by certifying you in a very important skill set. Anyone going into the Physical Fitness field whether it is as a Trainer or Educator, having a solid foundation in understanding fitness and nutrition will allow you to better serve your patients, clients, or students. Fitness and Nutrition go hand and hand. If you want to burn fat and have the energy for working out your diet must reflex that. The same applies if you want to build muscle and put your self through strength training. Having this extra knowledge under your belt and on your resume will give you the skillset to make a difference in people’s lives. Also, allowing you to get a job earning a salary you deserve!

Earning Potential For Sports & Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Being a certified Sports & Fitness Nutrition Specialist will give your resume a boost especially for those students who are continuing education. Having a degree in Sports Medicine, Health Science, or Biology along with this certification can open doors for in the field you are passionate about. Also, having the certifications alone can still opening doors for you in the health and fitness field. The Bureau Of Labor Statistics reports that Fitness Trainers and Aerobics Instructors on average make $54,200 in New Jersey and $59,520 in New York. The bottom 10% of income earns grossed around $20,000 while the top 10% grossed over $90,000 annually.


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