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How to Succeed in Online Education | Education During the Pandemic | ACTS


Why Should You Start School Now?

Now is the time to Go Back to School! We are all doing our part to keep ourselves, families and communities stay during this time, but we can take advantage of situation and use this time to work on your goals and education. The current pandemic caused by Covid-19 can lead to stress and anxiety in our personal lives. It is important to remember that this obstacle is temporary, the world has its eye on the virus as well as the production of a vaccine and effective forms of treatment. With the order of shutdown of non-essential businesses still into effect, many people have an abundance of free time in their schedules that they may have not had before. There are still options to be productive during this pandemic and stay at home orders. Taking on an online program gives you the freedom to work towards a goal, at your pace, and on your own time. Americation Career and Training School provides a range of online programs available to students. If you are concerned with continuing education at this time here is a list of things you can to make this move worth your while.

1. Make a Weekly schedule

Weekly schedules are an incredibly useful tool to stay focused, up to date, and informed on schooling requirements. American Career and Training School offers a hybrid online program which provides you with an instructor to pace you through the material or a completely online program where you can move through the material at your own pace. In either case, you should list out a few hours in weekly schedule and set them aside to do only school work to ensure you stay on track.

2. Know Your Learning Style

Knowing your learning style enables to understand the content in your program an in the most effective way. Learning styles can be broken into 4 main types.

  • Visual learners: Understands information best when presented in the format of pictures, charts and graphs. If you are a visual learner can see try to make visual charts or diagrams of the content discussed in your program. Ensure the information is correct by using your textbooks and allow yourself to be creative!

  • Auditory Learners: This type of learner benefits the most of an instructor paced program. Information is best understood and received from lectures and class discussion formats. Many online programs have an audio function which allows you to listen to the content in program via an automated voice.

  • Reading and Writing Learners: This learner understands information best when the content is read by themselves and they take there own notes. This type of learner can succeed in instructor paced programs and self paced programs. Reading a chapter and taking your own notes may be time consuming but putting time into study allows for the best educational outcomes possible.

  • Kinesthetic Learners: This learning style focuses on a hands on approach. These learners are driven to professions that require a skill that is performed with there hands, such a phlebotomy. Kinesthetic learners benefit the most from at home learning kits and practical experience.

3. Stress Management

Taking on an educational opportunity can be stressful. Stress often comes when feeling overwhelmed by assignments or a certain topics that you just can't seem to understand. The best way to avoid stress is through planning, time management, and good communication skills between you and your family as much of your learning will be done at home, so arrangements and accommodations may have to be made.

4. Find Your Career

ACTS Approved Online Programs

Start Working Towards Your Next Career Today!

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