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Video Production Fundamental Program: Turn Passion into a Careers | Art Programs | ACTS

What is Video Production

Video Production has been one of the main pathways for media and art for the last hundred year. Painting canvases, building architecture, and sucupleting have been around for centuries. Video Production is a relatively new art form, and with advancements in technology, this art is constantly evolving. Video production involves recording a video for telecommunication, art or entertainment purposes. Video production is not a simple as pressing record on a camera and involves several other components such as lighting, audio equipment, cameria software, and editing software and other equipment. Different levels and types of video production is used to produce everything from homemade videos on youtube to news broadcast and full feature film.

What Will You Learn in a Video Production Fundamentals Program

Topics Covered Include:

  • Phases of Video Production

  • Importance Video Script

  • Scheduling and Time Management

  • Team Dynamics of Video Production

  • Pixel Systems (720,1080, 4k, 8k video)

  • Camera Mounting Systems

  • Operating Software of Camera Equipment

  • Video Framing

  • Audio Recording Techniques for desired effect

  • Lighting Techniques

  • Equipment Used for audio, Lighting, and Video.

  • Concept of Editing

  • Video Shoot Locations

  • Costume and Makeup

Stages of Production

  1. Pre-Production: During the Pre-production phase of development, scripts are often being finalized, shooting locations are being determined, artistic direction. actors, custom and set design are being selected. Also, necessary production equipment and supplies is being determined and obtained.

  2. Production: The production phase of development involves on site shoots, recording scenes, and last minute creative additions to the script.

  3. Post-Production: The post-production phase of development for the most part involves editing record video, adding any audio or special effects to produce a final product.

The Power of Video Production

Video Production can be used for a vast range a purposes. News broadcasting companies rely on those who are skilled in video production for day to day operations. Marketing companies, social media personalities, network tv, and movie studios are all dependent on the various stages of video production. Video is a powerful form of art that allows you to convey a message, story, feeling or emotion. Those interested in music can use video production fundamental program to give songs a heightened sense of reality by allowing music to capiitativate its listeners with a creative video component. Those interested in film as in art form can use a video fundamentals program to learn the basics of video production to find their unique voice and creative style in this industry.

Salary and Places of Employment for Video Production

Salaries for Video Production varies considerably across areas of employment and time spent in the field. For Example, according the the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, those working in a Motion picture and video industries setting on average earn a little over 60K a year. While those working in radio and television broadcasting earn about 49k a year. The bottom 10% of salaries for video production was less than 25K a year, while the top 10% of earners averaged over 170k a year. About a quarter (25%) of those working in video production are self employed.

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