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Interested in Abnormal Child Psychology? We Can Help you Start Your Career | ACTS

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Americation Career and Training School (ACTS)

Abnormal Child Psychology

Enrolling in an Abnormal Child Psychology program provides a clear understanding of how it is completely natural for children to break rules and test limits as part of their growth and learning. However, because there is a fine line between normal and abnormal behavior, identifying "red flags" will take theoretical and professional expertise. This investigation and identification of potential treatments both create the field of Abnormal Child Psychology. For individuals new to the field of child psychology, or experienced professionals investing to increase their scope of knowledge to better understand neurological insights of children, a certification course can be a great way to better market your resume and increase your knowledge on the topic.

Understanding Abnormal Child Psychology

A well-balanced Abnormal Child Psychology program provides expert insights on developmental psychopathology to assess and treat abnormal child behavior. Special emphasis is placed upon known abnormal behaviors that need attention including the inability to manage emotional outbursts and anger, inability to manage impulses, not responding to disciplinary behavior, and finding it difficult to conduct routine learning activities either at school or at home. Also, students will learn assessment techniques and causes for stand-out behavior such as Autism, Learning Disorders, Bipolar and Compulsive disorders. Additional theoretical knowledge gained from a program will help in deciding if a career in abnormal child Psychology is for you.

Want to enroll in an Abnormal Child Psychology Program?

What Will You Learn in This Program

  • Theories of Abnormal Child Psychologies

  • Abnormal Child Assessment

  • Child Learning Disorders

  • Child Related Intellectual Disability

  • Child Autism Disorder

  • Child Attention Deficit, Conduction, and Learning Disorders.

  • Child Trauma, Anxiety Related Disorders

  • and Much More!

Role and Careers in Abnormal Child Psychology

Certified abnormal child psychology professionals are well placed to work with children and parents needing special attention in educational, or healthcare institutions. The study equips them to design effective treatments that help children and their families to prevent and overcome abnormal child behavior.

  • Abnormal Child Psychologist,

  • Clinical Psychologist,

  • Neuropsychologist,

  • Early Childhood Development Specialist,

  • Child Counselor.

The aim of abnormal child psychology is to open a rewarding career while providing the theoretical, analytical, research, and problem-solving skills needed to make a difference. Turn your interest into a career and help change lives for the better.

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