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Looking for a Career in Construction? Here's how to get started | Career Advancements | ACTS

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Americation Career and Training School (ACTS)

What to Expect from a Career in Construction

With the country's growing infrastructure and development, the demand for skilled construction personal is also growing. A career in construction can be very rewarding especially if you find employment in a Labor Union. When working for a Union you can receive access to affordable healthcare plans, have job security, and protection from a union board to ensure that treatment and work environment is in accordance with labor laws and regulations. Construction workers typically work outside creating a building from the ground up. However, construction workers can do other tasks such as renovations and repairs with existing structures.

How Americation Can Help

Americation Career and Training School offers several programs that can help in building a career in construction. Each of these programs has a specific focus that will provide you with the necessary information you need for a given skill. All, when combined will give the relative information and make you a highly qualified applicant when it comes time to apply for jobs. Here are the Programs that can help you build a career in Construction.

  • Construction Job Estimator: Providing a construction job estimate is the starting point for every construction project. An estimate leads to negotiation and then to deals being made. The purpose of an estimate is to give the person or persons requiring the services of a construction team a rough idea of the cost of a project. What the Construction job Estimator program does is prepare students on how to provide professional estimates on construction projects while factoring in the cost of Concrete, Masonry, Budgets, and pricing for subcontractors.

  • Construction Project Manager: The Construction Project Manager provides knowledge to students for managing construction projects in all phases of construction. This program will cover important topics of timeline and budgeting, project management, zoning and permits, professional relationships, relevant laws and regulations, and much more. The Construction Project Manager program will inform students on how a job site should be run and how to stick to plan and deal with issues as they arise.

Projected Job Growth for Construction Field

Construction is one of the fastest-growing fields in the country. With rapid Urbanization, expanding cities, urban renewal projects, and growing infrastructure, the demand for skilled labor workers will likely continue to rise. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that construction jobs such as Laborers and Helpers are expected to grow 12% which is faster than average. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also reports that as of May 2018 New Jersey is the 3rd highest paying state for construction Laborers with an average salary of $53,000.

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