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Want to Become a Veterinary Assistant? | Veterinary Assistant Training | ACTS

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

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What Is a Veterinary Assistant?

Veterinary Assistants are members of a healthcare team whose medical training has a focus on animals. Veterinary Assistant is in an entry-level position in the field of animal medicine. The tasks and responsibilities of Vet Assistants range from feeding and bathing animals to sterilizing surgical equipment needed for set procedures on animals. This position provides a range of work environments that can include animal hospitals and research facilities. If you have a passion for animals you turn that passion into a career with a Veterinary Assistant training program. The training and experience you gain from becoming a Veterinary Assistant can be used to further your career in animal medicine, other healthcare positions, and be used towards a career in research.

Common Tasks of Veterinary Assistants

  • General Care for animals: Feeding, bathing, and exercise

  • Maintaining sanitary conditions in animals living environment

  • Restraining and keeping animals clam during Procedures

  • Prepare room, equipment, and animals for Surgery

  • Emergency Treatment and Care for Animals

  • Adminstritaring medications or immunizations

  • Collecting specimens such as blood, urine, and tissue

Where do Veterinary Assistants Work

  • The vast majority of Veterinary Clinics or hospitals

  • Can find employment in colleges, trade schools, and private training facilities

  • Access to Employment in Research Facilities

How Much do Veterinary Assistants Make

The salary of a Veterinary Assistant does range considerably depending on where, geographically, you work. For example, states like Alabama, Mississippi, and South Dakota have a lower average income for Veterinary Assistants when compared to that of New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. The average income for Veterinary Assistants in New Jersey as 2018 was about $30,000, with the top 10% earning more than $45,000 a year. It is also important to note influencers such as experience and level of education can affect income-earning potential as well.

Online Veterinary Assistants Schooling

Online schooling is a relativity new education opportunity currently being offered at many Colleges and Trade Schools across the country. Online education provides students with the opportunity of studying completely at there own pace. Online programs allow students to study whenever they have the time which takes the rigidity out of school schedule. For example, some programs may require in-class meets a few hours a day several days a week. This is complicated work schedules and child care. Online programs take the stress out of earning an education. For more information about our online education see our other article: "A closer look at online education"

Make Your Passion a Career Today by Enrolling Today!

Citation: Information on Work Environments and Salary for Veterinary Assistants Was gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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