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What is Supply Chain Management | Business Careers | ACTS

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

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What is Supply Chain Management

Large and small businesses provide the majority of jobs in America. However, Not many people understand just how much goes into operating a business. A product or service of a business goes through a very long process before it ever reaches the store shelf or market. This long process can include the manufacturing and the shipping of a product as well as all the components that come into play to make those two things possible. Lucky for businesses there is a new raising career that helps to make operating a business easier.

Supply Chain Management is the managing of all the supplies needed for a product or service. Someone in Supply Chain Management will look at the entire “life” of a product, from the moment it is made in a factory till its placed on a store shelf and see if there is anything that can be improved to prevent unnecessary spending.

What are the Responsibilities for Supply Chain Management

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The production and shipment of a product go through several stages of development with each stage needing its own unique resource. For example, a company may have several factories that manufacture a product. However, those factories only produce a particular product, not the supplies needed to make that product. Resources such as raw materials, ingredients, heavy machinery, and employees all must be acquired before production can even begin. Once production starts there will be expenses associated with the cost of keeping those facilities up and running such as maintenance, salaries, general supplies, gas, and electricity. Once the product has been manufactured there will be a cost associated with storage and shipment. Supply Chain managers will try and minimize the expenses associated with the production and transportation cost to maximize profits.

What you will learn from a Supply Chain Management Program

  • Objectives of Supply Chain

  • Current Supply Chain Management Trends

  • Understanding partnership with suppliers

  • Material and Capacity planning

  • Understanding Manufacturing planning and Control systems

  • Enterprise Resources Planning System

  • Understanding Transportation, elements of Lean and six sigma.

  • And MORE!

Supply Chain Management Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that thousands of new jobs in Supply Chain Management (Logisticians) will be created over the coming years. Professions that cover the logistics of the company will vital to the company as the will allow the business to compete competitively on the national and international scale.

Supply Chain Management Salary

A career in Logistics such as a position in Supply Chain Management has a range of income potential depending on the industry. For example, those working for the field government can earn a salary of $85,000 while those working in wholesale trade on average earn around $66,000 a year. Annual earnings also depend heavily on years of experience and location. The average salary of people working in Logistics in New Jersey was $82,240 as of May 2018. While the average income of in Nebraska was $58,920.

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