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A Closer Look at Our Online Programs | Education Online | ACTS

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Americation Career and Training School (ACTS)

An online program is an educational training opportunity in which the crouse work is completed online. The online route provides students with the freedom of choosing when they are available to study. With the online option, students do not have to commit to an on-campus schedule of 9 am to 2 pm or 5 pm to 8 pm. On-campus schedules with face to face meets may interfere with students' work schedules and or child care. Americation Career and Training School (ACTS) online programs may have additional requirements which will be explored later. Although online programs have the benefit of being self-paced, there are some requirements the student must meet in order to successfully complete the program.

Requirements of the student in an Online Program

1. Stable and Reliable Access to a Computer and Internet Connection

  • As online programs are online, the student will be expected to have a computer in which assignments can be completed and access to a reliable internet connection.

2. The student should have excellent time management skills.

  • If you are interested in taking an online program, you might want to consider looking at what your weekly schedule consists of. Factor in travel time to and from work, child care, work out routines, and any other tasks or obligations that require your time See where and for how long you can fit an online program into your weekly schedule.

3. Dedication and Academic Discipline

  • It is important to remember with online programs, you are in control of when you study. There will not be a teacher there to remind you of deadlines and content to review, you have to make that effort yourself. Online students need to have the ability to read large amounts of information and take good and useful notes (annotate). Also, online students should strive to understand not memorize the content. Memorizing information may not help you with exams if there are questions worded in a way to challenge your knowledge of the content, not how well you mesmerized it.

4. Self-Motivation and Perseverance

Online programs may lack the support of a classroom, however, you have much greater access to the massive amount of information available online. If you face a challenging topic or content in your online program that you can't seem to understand you can also google the topic or look on youtube to help you better understand. There are many free resources online to help students study and understand academic information.

Free Online Resources That Can Help You During Your Online Program

What Our Online Programs Prepare You For

Americation Career and Training School online programs are designed to give students competency and confidence in the subject matter they are studying. Our online programs are unique and specialized for the content of each individual program. For example, some online programs include a module-based learning track and have interactive tools and quizzes students can use to improve their level of understanding. Other programs have specialized interactive equipment that allows students to gain knowledge and confidence in their skills to start a new career.

Studying Tips and Tricks

When enrolling in an on-campus or online program good and effective studying habits are key to success. Studying helps with memorization and remembering important information. However, study habits can be improved to compare and contrast similar topics to increase your knowledge of the content and prevent you from getting confused between similar information. Here is a list of useful study habits you can implement into your routine to utilize your time most effectively!

1. Good Notes and Annotating

  • Your notes of the content you are studying should be a much smaller form of the textbook in your own words. In your notes, you should include the title of the topic you are reading and a few sentences summarizing what you have read. Annotating is reading a paragraph writing a few short sentences about that information in your own words. Copying that information word for word from your textbook will not the best strategy to help you in studying, putting the content in your own words could be a may useful technique.

2. Identifying Key Information

  • Each sentence in a textbook will not be a question on the exam. The trick is to identify what content is most important and relevant to the subject you are studying. If there is a Title or a few paragraphs dedicated to one unique topic, odds are that is information you should know. If you textbook or online program goes into depth and provides allow of information into a topic you should probably consider making use of that information.

3. Identifying Key Terms

  • Key terms are words that you should know the definition too. When studying legal issues or any health-related topic this information can be dense and filled with a lot of important terms and ideas. These terms may not be used in everyday language and can be really specific to a particular field. Index cards can be very useful for study key terms and detailed information. These Index cards could have a key term on the one side and the definition other and be a useful studying tactic.

4. Give Yourself Time to Study (DO NOT CRAM)

  • Studying information over an extended period of time increases your knowledge and competency on the topic. Cramming right before an exam is not an effective or healthy studying method. Cramming can put your mind and body under considerable amounts of stress. It is better an a lot less stressful to plan out your week to and have a set time and day given to study. Do not give just one whole day dedicated to school work, it will be more effective to break it up to a few hours each day or even just one hour a day.

Start the Career of Your Dreams with Americation Career and Training School

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